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4 Most Luxurious Cruise Ships In The World

Who doesn’t want to travel abroad on a cruise ship? Although the travel time is longer than the plane, the facilities and comfort of this one means of transportation deserve thumbs up. We can find many people looking for Luxury Private Boat Rentals on various search engines.

If ordinary cruise ships are already expensive, what do you think about the appearance of the most expensive version of ships like this? Also, how much is the “rent” to be paid?
Here are the names of the most expensive ships in the world and their reviews:

1. Queen Mary 2 RMS
This cruise ship was christened by Queen Elizabeth in 2014. You could say, this is one of the most popular cruise ships in the world. One of the advantages of the Queen Mary 2 is its extraordinarily luxurious cabin. The area alone reaches 232 square meters, already the size of a celebrity luxury house of course! Queen Mary 2 passengers are also allowed to bring pets. Make no mistake, the dog kennels provided here are also very luxurious. Want to get on this ship? The ticket costs more or less over the US $ 800.

2. Viking Star
Every room at Viking Star is luxurious, only the bathroom floor is equipped with a heater. And, the glass on this ship is anti-fog. The cost per trip of this cruise ship reaches $ 2000. Although expensive, still no one can guarantee its safety. This ship experienced a technical problem due to strong winds in Norway, precisely on March 23, 2019. The ship experienced a shock which resulted in several people being injured.

3. Crystal Serenity
The cruise ship that launched in 2003 is still crowned as the most luxurious and most expensive ship in the world. Moreover, now the ship has been refurbished to become more luxurious. Crystal Serenity offers you a luxurious suite like a penthouse room in a five-star hotel with butler or butler service! Wow, I feel like Batman, I have a personal servant like Alfred. Got $1200? You can rent the cheapest room here for a day. What is clear, this ship is often a subscription of world celebrities.

4. Silver Muse
This cruise ship has a maximum capacity of 596 passengers and 411 crew members. Silver Muse is the largest ship owned by Silversea, a shipping company based in Monaco. All rooms at Silver Muse are furnished with bedding made of high-quality Egyptian cotton. All toiletries are from Bvlgari products. To be sure, eight restaurants are ready to serve delicious food on this ship. Ticket prices reach the US $ 4,500.

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