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Benefits of Trees For Living

Trees are living things that can not walk but provides a very important role for the living creatures that walk. The benefits of trees for the survival of all living beings on this earth is very important and can not be ruled out. Without trees, there will be no oxygen produced which is a basic requirement for living things. The more trees, the more oxygen produced. To get the best tree treatment, you can visit

In the past few years, the rapid development makes many trees cut down and sacrificed. The loss of the trees has been breaking the chain of life. Some animal species reduced and almost extinct because their habitat is damaged. It also makes the heat of earth increase, the amount of oxygen decreases and the level of air pollution is increasing. Also, the supply of water in the soil decreases, the result is difficult to get a clean water.

Various studies have shown, 1 hectare of green open space filled with large trees produce 0.6 tons of oxygen to 1,500 inhabitants per day (other studies say one large tree produces 1.2 kilogram oxygen per day), absorbs 2.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, save 900 m3 of ground water per year, transfer 4,000 liters water per day, lowering the temperature by 5°C to 8°C, reduce noise 25-80 percent, and reduced 75-80 percent wind strength. Here are some of the benefits of trees to human life.
– As a food manufacturer for humans. In nature, the plant has a strategic position as a manufacturer in the pyramid of food.
– The largest oxygen contributor. Oxygen is a gas that is required by humans and animals to breathe. During the day, trees can produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide or dirty air from exhaust gas result.
– Prevent erosion and flood. A Large tree has a strong and long roots. When it rained, the water is not directly flowed away, but been absorbed by the tree roots, so that the position of the land remains strong and less susceptible to erosion.
– Maintain soil fertility. The rain that falls directly into the soil can erode the topsoil, the result is the soil fertility is decreasing.
– Making the environment more comfortable. With many trees, will make the surrounding air around it becomes cool and comfortable. Trees can also provide protection against strong sunlight, high winds, dust barrier, as well as silencers.

So, plant trees around your house and help save the living.

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