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Get to Know The Different Types of Creams and Their Uses

The cream is widely used for cake decoration or as a mixture in making cakes, cakes, and cooking. Actually, what is a cream made of? The cream is the head of milk that settles on the surface of fresh milk if the milk is allowed to stand. This milk fat tastes delicious and is widely sold in cartons or bottles. If you need storage space for your whipped cream. Visit our official website, because we provide many bottles of the best-whipped cream, one of which is our cream chargers. We guarantee the safety of our bottles so you don’t have to worry about buy cream chargers.

The higher the fat content of the milk, the more savory the cream. In addition to creams made from milk fat (dairy), there are also creams made from plant fats (non-dairy) so they don’t trigger an increase in your cholesterol levels. This type of cream is easier to shake and holds at room temperature. You can see it on the packaging. Look for one marked non-dairy.

The cream is sold in liquid, powder, and ready-to-spray forms. Powdered cream must be diluted with ice water before use. Sold in cardboard packaging and aluminum bags. Usually in supermarkets sold in the cake ingredients section. Liquid cream is sold in tetra pack packaging. Can be found in the refrigerator in the supermarket, near the cheese. Ready-to-spray cream can be used directly for decorating. Sold in cans like hair spray. It can also be found in the refrigerator near the cheese in the supermarket.

Chantilly Cream is whipped cream or whipped cream that is given a mixture of sugar and a certain aroma. Perfect for decorating cakes or puddings. Chantilly cream can be made by yourself. Cool all ingredients and equipment that will be used in the refrigerator or freezer. This needs to be done so that the cream hardens quickly. Cool the bowl, mixer shaker, and cream in the refrigerator or freezer. Prepare a bowl of water and ice cubes, place the cooled bowl in a bowl, add 125 ml of heavy cream or whipped cream. Then, beat with a mixer on medium speed until slightly thick, add 1 tbsp caster sugar and 1 tsp rum or orange liqueur or according to taste. Beat again until thick. The cream is ready to use.

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