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What You Should Know About Retarder

Retarder is a useful material to slow down the duration of setting in concrete or gypsum with its crucial use in construction. In other words, ordinary retarders you can find in concrete supplies function to delay or slow down the process of setting and hardening concrete. Utilization of this material as a concrete mix in hot conditions, if the time between the combination and casting is long enough. Normal concrete setting time becomes shorter if the temperature is high. Time delays can last for several hours as needed. One of the uses of retarder for concrete is granulated sugar as a mixture.

In general, various chemicals are used as retarders to slow down the bonding of concrete structures. Some of these include plastocrete-R, Sikamen-520, and so on. However, the easiest material to obtain as a retarder is granulated sugar. Retarders can affect the extension of the dormant period or the stage of achieving the initial set. This makes the cement setting time becomes longer. The final bonding process becomes shorter. This makes the increase in strength to be higher than the paste that does not experience the slowdown process. Additives or admixtures are materials with characteristics in the form of powder or liquid.

We mix these materials in concrete and gypsum during the mixing process with a special amount. The goal is to change some properties. Some of these properties include:

Additives are the mixing of materials in the gypsum or concrete mixing process to produce special properties. In addition, it has a function in slowing the length of the bonding period on the gypsum. The use of additional materials is to inhibits the length of the process when binding occurs. This is due to hot weather conditions and an extension of the hardening time.

The process of delaying the binding is caused by the process of forming a thin layer on the gypsum. This makes the gypsum particles experience a slow reaction to water. In addition, there is a way of increasing the distance between the molecules of the aluminate and silicate and the water molecules.

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